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Wuthering Heights and Adventures of the Dancing Men

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The two novels, Wuthering Heights and the Adventures of the Dancing Men share something in common. The narrators in both of the instances have employed the use of silence and secrets to enhance the narrative. The essays will compare the use of silence and secrets in the two narratives as well as give insights on how literary features have been to delay or defer revelation. The use of secrets enhances the narrative by creating suspense and to giving the reader curiosity about the hidden facts.
Wuthering Heights presents scenarios where the narrator uses secrets and silence to enhance the narrative. We may focus on the role of Nelly Dean because she is the person responsible for controlling all the key information about the departure of Isabella and Catherine’s illness. The narrator uses secrets and silence to move forward the action. Nelly’s choice of keeping these secrets gives her great influence over events as illustrated by Brontë (20-23)
In the narrative, Nelly assumes that the illness of Catherine is inverted by herself to manipulate others. It supports the fact that women in the nineteenth century were able to use their frailty for strength. It turns out to be a scenario that Bronte shows having devastating consequences as brought in the analysis by Macovski.
The narrative also brings a scenario where Edgar is kept ignorant about the illness of Catherine. Catherine, on the other hand, is unaware that Edgar is …

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