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Wuthering Height

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Wuthering Heights: Scene Development and Meaning
One of the most important themes presented in the novel is considered to be the foundation of social classes as well as to how they are to be recognized [especially as they identify with the reputation of families] as basis for development on how individuals are recognized. Most likely, the scene on the wake provides a more constructive manner on defining how social classes were outlined as the foundation of the story presented in the novel. At the same time, this scene further proves the overall construction of the distinct assumptions of how the value for social recognition is understood to have a highly identifying mark on how individuals view themselves as well.
The division between the Lintons and the Earnshaws has created a distinct mark on how the members of the family behave [especially on occasions like the wake]. Likely, in this scene, the creation of such visionary presentation is able to get the attention of the readers [especially as they see the importance of defining one’s self not based on how the society sees them]. The readers are given the chance to determine how they likely understand the overall concept of social classes and how these factors should be used to create a new sense of being among individuals as they deal with their peers or others in their communities. Basing from the reactions of the character…

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