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Written Assignment- Legislative, Regulatory Issue, and Budget Process

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Written Assignment- Legislative, Regulatory Issue, and Budget Process

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Recommendation on Clinical Data Registries
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The bill that I have chosen to discuss is H.R.5214 – this yet to be passed law require the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in order to enhance better care, to provide recommendations for the development and use data registries from the health centers to improve patient care. The bill proposes to bring significant boost into the HealthCare Sector by providing relevant information about patient’s record control and the effectiveness. Having the same information shared electronically thus reducing the overall burden on those operating in registries, this will help improve the well-being of members of the society by making their demands or concerns privy to the Health Sector in all.
Table 1
Details of Bill responses
Bill Number H.R.5214
Status introduced
Date Filed 07/28/2014
Committee Referrals House – Energy and Commerce also on 22 December it was referred to the
Committee of the Whole
House on the State of the Union, (Report No. 113–683)
Describe Bill Intention H.R.5214 proposes to a primary requirement to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make recommendations for the development and use of clinical data registries for improvement in patients’ health care. Suggested recommendations include firstly registry made to minimize duplication and reduction on the burden of those operating the registries. Secondly a record that would allow the exchange of information between the electronic health records and of reporting clinicians and the registry. The secretary must make available that recommendation in a public web site of the Department of Health and Human Services. (Introduced in House – IH)[H.R.5214.IH][PDF] As its put in “the journal of INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY” registries help to assist in “Advancement of clinical consideration rules and changes in consideration quality and malady results.” (De Souza 2012 )
Describe Bill Impact The impact of this bill is that the recommendation made should result in improved clinical care coordination, and developed models and methods of controlling and managing diseases by use of appropriate care measures in line with clinical practices, guidelines and best practices.
Identified Support or Opposition This bill is likely to be supported by all professions and more so the medics, and for those who believe in the importance of having data registries. In general opinion it is for the betterment of the society and public at large when we have clear guidelines and strategies on how registries should be structured so as to provide and monitor and even for physicians to be able to prevent the occurrence of diseases,
Potential Outcome of Bill There is no information given regarding the possible bill becoming law as the bill is still in the introduction stages. However, in my opinion the bill stands a great chance to turn into law.
Write one paragraph summarizing the bill and what it does The bill will provide the medics with enough information on monitoring and controlling diseases that in turn promotes great public health benefits.
H.R.5214 – recommendation on data registries bill will help in maintaining clinics records that provide patient information, which will in turn assist the management of diseases and efficient administration of drugs. Having a clean and well-designed electronic clinic data record that eases the workload on registry workers and patients monitoring is the best interest of everyone in the society. It is my wish that this bill goes through all the stages and become a statement within the shortest time possible.

De Souza, M. P., & Miller, V. R. (2012). Significance of patient registries for dermatological disorders. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 132(7), 1749-1752.
Fleckman P (2012) The National Registry for Ichthyosis and Related Disorder will cease operation after 2012. J Invest Dermatology. 1745
Kehoe R, Wu S, Leske MC et al (1994) Comparing self-reported and physician-reported medical history. Am J Epidemiology139:813–818 | PubMed 

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