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writing sample for grad school application (PhD in Educational Psychology)

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writing sample for grad school application (PhD in Educational Psychology)

Category: Analysis Essay

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Academic

Pages: 8

Words: 2200

Sustainable Communities Field School Increases Environmental Awareness
Liyan Zeng
Professor’s Name
Environmental sustainability is the process of utilizing the resources of nature in such a way, to prevent the exploitation of natural resources, conservation of non-renewable forms of energy and matter, and ensuring replenishment of utilized resources, which can support biotic communities in the near future. Educational programs and field visits to places of environmental conservation might inculcate awareness in students and general people. The present study tried to evaluate the usefulness of Field schools, in providing awareness on environmental sustainability.
The study was based on the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden’s Field School. The current study examined the impact of the Field School on people’s environmental awareness and behavior. Participants (N=109) from four local businesses were guided by instructors through a canopy walk and a food garden in the Botanical Garden.
These participants received verbal education and participated in various activities related to sustainability. The results were based on self-reported questionnaires. The study illustrated that following participation in the Field School, the participants’ exhibited increased knowledge about environmental issues, raised their concerns regarding nature. They also exhibited a variety of behavioral changes, compared to the Garden visitors who did not participat…

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