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Why You Should Become an Accountant
There are many career options to choose from for young people joining college. They range from technical, administrative to professional careers. This poses a challenge to young people because it is easy to settle for a wrong career due to the allure of looking classy, associated with some careers. Some careers are regarded as being prestigious and more rewarding than others, which led me to choose one career in this realm, that of an accountant.
The accounting profession has a wide scope, which can be split down to public accounting, management accounting, auditing and cost accounting. The common denominator being that they all deal with figures. To get an in-depth understanding of what it takes to qualify and work in any of these categories, I approached two members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for interviews. In both interviews, I was interested in knowing what the life of an accountant is like. Is there work life balance? How to present yourself and what are the benefits of the profession?
My interviewees, Mr. Smith and Mr. Adams, both concurred on some issues. First, I couldn’t avoid noticing that in both instances the gentlemen were both dressed in nice fitting black suits and a tie. To become a certified public accountant (CPA), they say you must complete a college degree in accounting and at least two years working experience before joining AICPA. They both acknowledge that working as an accountant is a demanding but rewarding career. They both derived career satisfaction from their jobs and said they loved it. They get to enjoy a good work-life balance throughout the year except during the tax season when they work for longer hours but with a good overtime incentive. Mr. Smith works as a cost accountant in one of the manufacturing firms in town an experience he enjoys. Mr. Adam is Canadian and works in a consultancy firm, which allows him to alternate between departments ranging from auditing, advisory, cost accounting, forecasting to the general ledger. He attributes his career growth to this exposure.
An article published in the Rasmussen College website says that the accounting job has its pros and Cons. It associated accounting with a potentially good career growth. After a few years of experience in the field, most accountants get promotions or get to work in more challenging environments. Accountants are also in high demand given the growth we are experiencing in businesses and economies. Statistics also reveal that accountants earn good salaries surpassing other professionals like lawyers. Accountants can also work anywhere in the world unlike other professionals who are tied to cities or certain countries. (Ericksen)
On the flipside, another article says that at times accounting could be boring and stressful. The pressure that comes with meeting deadlines and working for long hours might catch up with you. During peak seasons, the close of the financial year and tax seasons accountants can hardly maintain a good work-life balance. (Buckley, Adrian & Eugene 11)
Accountants work with tight schedules, and they must work in teams because laws, regulations and the environment of work keep on changing. It is a good career choice for individuals who want challenges and would like to advance up the ranks. It is an elite career that requires discipline and self-driven and hardworking individuals. It is a fulfilling career, and it allows anyone to take on the challenge.

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