Writer’s Life after 3 degrees

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Writer’s Life after 3 degrees

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Writers Life after 3 Degrees
I want to get admitted to the grad program in Nursing because this degree means a lot to me, both professionally and personally. After being a graduate in Nursing, my aspiration is to serve a patient population comprised of children and adolescents suffering from learning difficulties due to autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. I would focus on early diagnosis of such problems in my care settings and provide quality and patient-centric care, so the children can be successfully rehabilitated. The chosen specialty of preferred practice stems from my personal experience. I realize how it pains for a child, and his or her parents whose child suffers from dyslexia and ADHD. In fact, I grew up with dyslexia and ADHD, and I cannot forget the struggle, that my family and I went through during my childhood.
I was perturbed and confused; I did not understand why schooling was more difficult for me than other students. I never felt motivated to go to school and did not enjoy the company of other students in my class. My results were poor and I never felt interested in studies. I had a feeling that I am different from the rest of the individuals and something is wrong with me. Such feelings made me sad and I remained depressed most of the time during my childhood days. When other children played, I sat on my balcony and watched at them. I never had friends in school that was very painful for me. I lost my childhood and I never want any child to face such situations. However, sometimes I felt a little care or a personal touch from either my teachers or parents could have reduced my agony.
My admission into this grad program will make me competent through the development of academic and practical knowledge of managing such children. I would acquire the technical expertise of managing ADHD and Autistic children and also develop skills to deliver a person-centric approach in care settings. Thus, providing service to these especially challenged children will provide me some satisfaction of my lost childhood days. I will be grateful if I am kindly considered for the grad program in nursing.

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