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Writers Choices Others Journal Prompt

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Writers Choices Others Journal Prompt

Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Little Red Riding Hood
The story of Little Red Riding Hood has evolved radically from the time of the paper to the digitally controlled world of today. Although the essence of the story has not been altered, the characters themselves have undergone radical changes in terms of mental and emotional attributes, as well as undercurrents and situations presented in the stories. This paper presents a comparison between four versions of Little Red Riding Hood, with respect to six elements found in fairy tales.
The earlier, more disturbing versions of the tale date back to fourteenth century Italy CITATION Zip p 744 l 16393 (Zipes 744), where the story, as told by the contemporary farmers, and in parallel to the most common elements of a fairy tale, that is magic and magical creatures, depicts the antagonist as not only a wolf, but sometimes also as an ogre, or a werewolf CITATION Ore p 92-106 l 16393 (Orenstein 92-106). The wolf kills the grandmother, and feeds her remains to Red, who unknowingly consumes them. In some versions, he also asks her to remove her clothing and get into bed with him, after which he eats her CITATION Zip93 p 4 t l 16393 (Zipes 4). This also breaks away from the common nature of fairy tales, which almost always depict the victory of good over evil.
However, other versions depict a better ending, where Red discovers the Wolf’s secret and formulates an excuse about wanting to defecate outside, thus securing her …

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