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American Immigration Policy
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American Immigration Policy
The United States is a land of immigrants, and throughout its history, it has endured inward large-scale mass movements of people, and these occurred in four peak periods: during colonial periods, expansion to the west in the 1700s, the rise of industrial cities during the early 1900s, finally during the late 1900s to date. Immigration has been a thorny issue in contemporary American politics, and with camps often sharply divided on this vital policy. America is a wealthy high per capita income country, with the good education system and health care systems, and democratic freedoms, amongst other issues that attract hordes of immigrants annually. A fine line exists between the conservatives and the liberal, with the latter group insisting that young undocumented immigrants are America’s problem while the former points to the need for their humane treatment as a special group in the country. Obviously, the current administration led by Barrack Obama is pro-left, and his administration has been steadfast in his pre-election pledge to resettle a section of the immigrants that came to the country illegally. This paper investigates immigration issues affecting the American government, particularly the cases affecting young undocumented immigrants.
Failed Promises
Merolla, Ramakrishnan, and Haynes (2013) investigated the use the terms illegal and undocumente…

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