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Relationship between critical thinking and ethics

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Relationship between critical thinking and ethics

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A definition of critical thinking
Critical thinking can be defined as the use of cognitive skills and strategies that increase the chances or probability of a desired result or outcome. Critical thinking describes the thinking that is reasoned, purposeful and directed at a goal. This kind of thinking is involved in solving problems, inference formulation, calculating likelihoods as well as decision making where the thinker uses thoughtful and effective skills for various thinking tasks. Critical thinking skills are often referred as higher order cognitive skills (Sternberg et al., 6).
It can also be defined as a reasonable, reflective thinking focused on what one decides to believe or do (Nosi, 1) Critical thinking can be said to be a process that challenges a person to use thinking that is reflective, reasonable, rational in order to gather, interpret as well as evaluate information with a purpose of deriving a judgment (Learning Centre, 4). It can be defined as the art of analyzing as well as evaluating thinking with an aim of improving it (Learning center, 4).
The steps in the critical-thinking process
The steps of critical thinking in reading are identifying the line of reasoning, evaluating critically the line of reasoning, questioning the appearance of surface, identifying the evidence in the text, evaluating the evidence, identifying the conclusions of the writers and finally, evaluating whether the evidence supports the writer’s conclusion (Moon, 41).
Step 1 interpr…

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