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Category: Common App Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

HIST 120 Midterm Examination
Section 1/ Essay 1
Was the revolution revolutionary?
There are many aspects of the American Revolution that make it significant in the shaping of the American political, social, and economic system. For instance, the guerrilla war that was used during the war played a very significant role in the fight for the independence of the nation and replaced the earlier form of pitched battle that had been utilized mostly during those periods. The other aspect that makes the revolution unique was the fact that the revolution itself took place beyond the borders of the parent country that the change was expected to take place. Even though the American Revolution happened in the most unusual way, it was revolutionary in nature. That is because it did not comprise of regime change. Instead, the revolution was concerned about the establishment of a completely new state, in addition to the adoption of the democratic system of governance by the state.
Even though the seeds of democracy had been sown by the Paris treaty of 1783, many of the colonies were still ruled according to the decisions made by the colonial masters, but not according to the constitutions or certain rules that could cater for the welfare of the colonized. The English king, in particular, determined the way in which the colonies were governed. That changed at the time of the revolution. When the colonies escaped from England the fighting began during the r…

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