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Write an essay discussing the impacts of political socialization and public opinion.

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Write an essay discussing the impacts of political socialization and public opinion.

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The Impacts of Political Socialization and Public Opinion
In most democratic systems of government, people have varied ways through which they can get into contact with the government officials and give their opinions as the government responds by changing policy based on the public opinion (Williams and Delli Carpini 104). In most cases, the general opinion is decisive and bright, and often it is gloomier. Moreover, public opinion may be shaped by the only policymakers who have to respond to it. This just means that the government officials have a hand in political socialization and often define public opinion on many issues. Political socialization is, therefore, the process through which people obtain particular political values and beliefs. Public view, on the other hand, can be defined as the aggregate of individual beliefs and attitudes shared by a portion of the elderly. Political socialization is impacted by the agents of socialization who work together to shape and influence the people’s public opinion regarding economic and political norms and values.
The agents of socialization include family, media, schools, race and ethnicity, and religion among others (Amna et al. 32). Each of the socialization agents impacts people’s belief, and there henceforth the public opinion, its way. For instance, families extend how they may or fail to support specific political values to their children, thereby massively contributing to the children’s pr…

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