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Write about an event that caused a significant effect or life changing experience (epiphany) in your life.

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A Life Changing Experience
Different people from different walks of life encounter different experiences in life. Such experiences leave a lasting impression that can be good, bad, or a mixture of the two. My personality and my way of life have been influenced by several aspects of my life. Mine began when I started playing my favourite game – soccer. I would sit on the bench most of the time as the season progressed on.
Soccer season started halfway through the junior year in high school. It was my third year as a member of the varsity soccer team. To make the year one of my best, I had to work hard during the pre-season. The schedule indicated we had to play Adrian during the season. When the day came, the team travelled by bus to Adrian. It was oblivious to me that that would be my last day on the field in that season.
The bus ride took nearly two hours to reach Adrian High School. The game was scheduled to start in half an hour, and the excitement was apparent on the faces of the team members. Finally, the referee blew the whistle to mark the beginning of the game. I was the defender. I had continuously wanted to play in the defence from the very first day, which came true the day I reached junior high. I had a lot of respect for defenders as they are tasked with protecting the goal. A defender must have a good overview of the entire field to be able to defend effectively. A defender is trusted by the whole team to …

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