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Write about an event that caused a significant effect or life changing experience (epiphany) in your life.

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Write about an event that caused a significant effect or life changing experience (epiphany) in your life.

Category: Book Report

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Words: 1100

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A Life Changing Experience
Different people from different walks of life encounter different experiences in life. Such experiences leave a lasting impression that can be good, bad, or a mixture of the two. My personality and my way of life have been influenced by several aspects of my life. Mine began when I started playing my favourite game – soccer. I would sit on the bench most of the time as the season progressed on.
Soccer season started halfway through the junior year in high school. It was my third year as a member of the varsity soccer team. To make the year one of my best, I had to work hard during the pre-season. The schedule indicated we had to play Adrian during the season. When the day came, the team travelled by bus to Adrian. It was oblivious to me that that would be my last day on the field in that season.
The bus ride took nearly two hours to reach Adrian High School. The game was scheduled to start in half an hour, and the excitement was apparent on the faces of the team members. Finally, the referee blew the whistle to mark the beginning of the game. I was the defender. I had continuously wanted to play in the defence from the very first day, which came true the day I reached junior high. I had a lot of respect for defenders as they are tasked with protecting the goal. A defender must have a good overview of the entire field to be able to defend effectively. A defender is trusted by the whole team to deliver as they are technically the owners of the field. I maintained by defending a position for the first half of the game.
The game had reached the first half, and the teams’ scores were still tied for the last quarter an hour. During the break, we discussed how we could improve our score. I was instructed to take a move from the defence and join the strikers, because according to the coach, the team had weaknesses in scoring. Time went by and there seemed to be no change in our score. A few minutes later I received the ball and took a look at the defenders in front of me only to realise there were no defenders. I felt the pressure mount on me to get the ball down and score against the rival team. I dribbled the ball towards the rival’s goal and met the only obstacle in my way. The only person guarding the goalpost was the goalkeeper. He was taller and was skilled at preventing goals. I was coming face to face with the goalkeeper the closer I moved.
Soon I encountered the goalkeeper and dared him on. There was tension and excitement in the crowd. Slowly, I came closer to the goalkeeper. I decided to take my shot before coming too close and risk spoiling my chance. As I prepared to take the shot, the goalkeeper slid towards my direction and managed to stop my leg from making the kick. I bumped into him, and we dropped to the ground as the ball remained between us. When I attempted to get up from the ground, I realised I was not able to. Suddenly my leg felt numb, and a sharp pain ran through my body. As the pain is increased, I fell back to the mud twitching and screaming as loudly as I could. I saw the coach and the trainer running towards my direction on the field.
“What is happening to you?” the coached inquired in a sharp voice.
“His leg is stuck in the mud, and he appears not to be able to get it out” replied the goalkeeper, now looking on with frustration written all over his face.
“We have to help him now and quick before it gets worse. Someone, please call an ambulance” the trainer added.
“I need to take a look at the leg. Help me get his shoes and socks off and give him some water” added the coach.
They quickly removed my shoes and socks to realise I had a broken leg. Immediately, an ambulance was called, and my father came to my side and held my hand in an attempt to reassure me and to soothe the pain. As soon as the ambulance arrived, I was hoisted inside, and it sped off towards the hospital.
Inside the hospital, the paramedics stood over me asking me questions about what had transpired.
“How did your leg get stuck in the mud?” the first paramedic asked.
“I do not have a clear recollection and the pain in my leg is hurting so bad” I replied.
“Can you stand?” she continued.
“I cannot. The pain is extreme” I said.
The pain was so extreme, and I could not feel my leg anymore. Meanwhile, the paramedics handed me painkillers. After a few minutes, we arrived at the hospital, and my father was next to me the whole time. My mother and brother drove to the hospital the soonest they heard what had taken place. Later, I was moved to a different hospital for specialised attention.
At the hospital, we were promptly informed that I had to undergo surgery. My family had arrived at the decision to have a metal rod inserted into my bone and four pins to grasp it in place. The surgery was done later that day. When I woke up, my bed was surrounded by my family, and I was informed I had to remain in the hospital for a few more days to recover. It became hard to eat properly, move around effectively or even remain awake. While at the hospital, I came to realise that people take many things for granted. On my first night at the hospital, I felt very helpless. I completely relied on a button to get the attention of the nurse to help me feed, visit the washrooms or even make slight movements. After five days, I was informed I was free to go home. I was the first time I was leaving the bed in five days. I was to use crutches to walk, and I was still weak and it would take the time to walk normally again.
In conclusion, the experience totally changed my life. The event was significant because it changed my life forever and most importantly made me learn how delicate life is and that we need to appreciate every moment we are alive. The experience taught me to live every moment to the fullest.

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