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Write a reflective essay explaining your cultural identity.

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Write a reflective essay explaining your cultural identity.

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

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Cultural Identity
Culture is one of the important aspects of society because it determines the way of life that a group of people adapts. Notably, in most cases, the lifestyles of individuals are dependent on cultural inclination. Individuals upheld their culture through identifying themselves with the elements that have been symbolic to their particular culture. Markedly, some of the cultural elements that distinguish groups of people are clothing, language, food, adherence to particular cultural events festivals, and among others (Anderson and Mark 82). In view of this, this paper explores the influence that culture on individuals’ identity.
Considering the case study of the 15-year-old black student, it is notable that the Africa – American culture has played a significant part in her personality identity. Markedly, her outgoing social life can be attributed to the Africa – American traditional cultures that emphasis the importance of collectiveness or togetherness for that case. Equally, her social identity can be argued to have been influenced by her family structure. Notably, she comes from a family where she lives with her single mother and her two adult brothers but has other stepsiblings. In this case, her outgoing personality can be argued to have been influenced by the lack of immediate family members to interact with at her age (Anderson and Mark 82).Similarly, her music acting personality can probably be attributed to the Africa – American traditional culture that values music in most of their traditional cultural events and festivals.
Reflecting on this case and my personal identity, I compellingly concur that culture plays a major in shaping the personality identity of an in individuals. Outstanding, that initial binding relationship with family members and the community has influenced my personality traits. For instance, I closely align to the language, food, and cultural events practiced by the community.
Works Cited
Anderson, E N, and Mark Q. Sutton. Introduction to Cultural Ecology. Walnut Creek, Calif: AltaMira, 2004. Print.

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