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To The Customer Service Department of Tech Solutions Retails
I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that am not satisfied on how you have dealt with the problem. Last week after experiencing technical problems with my HTC HD7, Windows phone that I recently purchased at your stores, and I brought it back to your stores. The phone had a problem of constantly rebooting itself and hanging for minutes before getting back on. Your team assured me they have experienced the same problem with other clients, and they have managed to solve the problems and restored the phone back to efficiency. I left my device at your store for rectification; I left it on an assurance of five days delivery, and it would be functioning well. Even after being so patient with you to do one-week late delivery, I am still the very same problems with the device.
The cell phone, not functioning has made my personal life, and professional work become cumbersome. I made it clear to your team that I am Business Development Executive, and I direly need to make use of my cell phone in my daily work. I have lost businesses, failed to get notifications of meeting because of the device malfunction. I am recommending your team to replace the phone promptly with another that will function properly. This suggestion seems like the best choice as it has occurred to me that trying to fix the problem in impossible in your tech store.I am looking forward to getting helpful…

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