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write a evaluation essay about the shining film

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write a evaluation essay about the shining film

Category: Capstone Project

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Action Movies as My Favorite Films
Action movies, a genre that fascinate me most in the film industry, have several features that make them exceptional and interesting. After a week in school or other overwhelming activities, I find great relieve and pleasure watching action movies over the weekend. In fact, these movies take up to 90% of my weekend time. One of the important features that define the formula of action movie genre is that they demand little of the higher order thought about other genres (Dirks Par. 4). Viewers do not necessarily need to bring emotions to the film. In any case, action movies are designed such that viewers associate with the protagonist who emerges victorious. Viewers, therefore, feel that they achieve what the protagonist achieves by associating with them.
It feels great to watch a movie that makes one feel empowered. Action movies exhibit a one-liner humor that makes them an attraction to interested viewers. The hero, usually a good girl or guy by wits and courage, makes films in this genre-less exhausting regarding emotions. Viewers derive satisfaction from the accomplishments of the main character despite torment and suffering subjected on them by enemies and rivals (Dirks Par. 7). However, action movies rarely feature talented actors. They, though, demonstrate the appreciation of the smartness in talented characters performing martial arts. Appreciably, these movies feature plots by having beginnings, middles, a…

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