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Write a description of a remarkably beautiful or interesting scene- a landscape, a group of people, a horse, a friend.

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Write a description of a remarkably beautiful or interesting scene- a landscape, a group of people, a horse, a friend.

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Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

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Fairy Chimneys
Sitting on the high plateau of the central Anatolia in Turkey, the fairy chimneys is one of the most beautiful places on earth. From a distance, one would think of this location as a group of community buildings with chimneys. The others that protrude higher are seen from a distance as story buildings. The misconception, however, is cleared as an individual draws closer to the place. The landscape presented here, is the composition of rocks and not buildings as would be seen from a far distance. Myths and theories have been presented as to the formation and existence of this beautiful scene. Some say that the magnificence of the place could only be associated with some magic. On the contrary, the formation of these massive rock structures is related to geologic phenomena.
The formation of the Fairy Chimneys goes back to the year 253 BC. During this time, there were volcanic eruptions of Mount Erciyes, which was then followed by solidification of the lava. Erosion played a significant role in shaping the stones to their current status. As years went by, the process of erosion in the valley washed away the outer softer debris leaving the inner harder components of the solidified lava. The landscape has served the neighboring communities for centuries. It offered a good defense from an outside attack to the community in the ancient days. Currently, it is marked by UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites. The area has also been included in a park and does attract a significant number of tourists who, from all over the world, come to view the breathtaking landscape created over the centuries. Coupled with the underground cities developed, the magnificence of the place is enhanced.

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