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Write a 500-750 word response (12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1″ margins) to either David Stannard’s American Holocaust or Gregg Smith’s Beer in America (not both!)

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Write a 500-750 word response (12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1″ margins) to either David Stannard’s American Holocaust or Gregg Smith’s Beer in America (not both!)

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: History

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

David Stannard’s American Holocaust
American Holocaust indicates the vast changes that took place in the US after the influx of different national immigrants from other parts of the world. Different regions are indicated as being the cause of the developments that took place in the US around 1848. Through California: A History by Karr (25) indicates that the region became recognized among other regions because of the gold rush period after the discovery of the important commodity. The region is indicated as being blessed with numerous natural resources that led to their high placement compared to other regions in the US. The authors, however, indicate vividly the various improvements and developments that led to the increased infrastructure and economy in the US.
California’s importance in the history of the United States
California was and is an important state to the US according to Sabo (212). After the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill, which led to the California Gold Rush most people settled in the region in great numbers. As early as 1964, California had become more famous compared to New York. This is because of the earlier settlement of most immigrants who settled in the region. The total population of California during this time was more than one-third of the US population. Pacific Islander and Asians led the influx to the region. Increased number of people made it easier for other citizens to move to other regions in the US, thus increasing the trade operations and also the overall provision of labor to different industries.
The industries that benefited from the influx included the manufacturing sector and agriculture. Others that grew during this time were the tourism industry, biotechnology, and aerospace. The natural resources from the region also increased the relativity of the US as a whole. Some of the natural resources that were present during this time included natural gas, petroleum, timber and cement.
How science, technology, and state and local government affect each other
The relationship between state and local government in the region often make provision for different environmental laws that govern the inhabitants. The practical impact of such laws usually stem from the overall use of science and technology. Due to poor boundaries within the environment issues, science and technology often make it possible for different solutions that are usually hard to get.
Science and technology enhancement has become the pillar of the government as it ensures a complex system that cannot be compromised. The state and local governments provide systems that are vital for development as science ensures that those systems are applicable and meet the requirements of all the inhabitants from the region. Endowment of such information is provided by institutions which are governed by the authorities from the region. Companies have also been given the mandate of adopting different technologies to meet the needs of the state and the local government.
How water impacts California’s economic and social history
Plenty of water during this time was vital for the agriculture sector as planting and issues of irrigation became possible. This increased the economic growth of the region and the US region. New technologies were also developed during this period for purposes of storing the vast regions of water masses. The much-needed work in the farms due to water became imminent, and this led to increased labor demands in different regions. All these became possible apart from the normal usage of water in homes for personal use.
The region also has different regions of interest, and this increased the presence of tourists and overall economy of the US as a whole. Some of the regions of interest during this time were the Yosemite Park, Hollywood, and the Golden Gate Bridge. All this attractions became very crucial to the history of the US till date.

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