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Working in Modern Society

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Working in Modern Society

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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Working in modern: society
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Individual in the society are affected by work as a result of bureaucratic arrangements in the workplace. Individual’s value at workplace seems to be diminished, by interchanging their contributions (Hodson&Sullivan, 2011). Individuals feel that the detachment has alienated them from their workplace contribution; they are kept busy and doesn’t get time with co-workers. Work also gives workers a chance for self-fulfillment, their accomplishment leads to the production of goods that are enjoyed by the society.
The society is affected by work where fragmented urban society replaces rural society sense of commonality. In urban area people advocate for self-interests and the aspects of a community like sharing is not common(Hodson&Sullivan, 2011). In urban areas, people are interdependent in accomplishing meeting their varied interests. From my experience, the ideas of Carl Max on lineation and exploitation of workers is real. Workplaces where the head of bureaucracies is capitalist, they ensure that workers spend most of their time working on mingier wages. The over working is what is considered alienation for people, who barely find time for themselves and their societies. Max web in his bureaucratic theory rationality, suggested that modern workplace and its systems breaks previously high held norms like unity in society.
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