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Why you wish to join the Study Abroad Program?

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Why you wish to join the Study Abroad Program?

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Construction

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Admission Essay to the University of Westminster
My interest in the history and political science field stems from my innate drive to championing for the rights of other people. The discrimination of minority groups by those with power is disheartening to me. I believe that every being in this world deserves to have their rights respected. In particular, I have the desire to becoming an advocate of human rights for the oppressed especially the poor.
In addition, my drive towards this subject area is from the first-hand experiences I have faced. I have witnessed the poor people being unjustly treated because of the lack of representation. Those with powers easily trample over them and get away with their deeds due to lack of enough advocates of human rights.
My undergraduate studies provide me with the basics that are essential for my graduate studies. The skills and knowledge that I have attained have provided me with the foundation of what the subject area entails. I trust that graduate studies in history and political science will give me the in-depth knowledge that will steer me towards my dream of being a human rights champion.
Am applying for an opportunity to undertake my graduate studies at the University of Westminster based on the type of learning that you offer the students. From my research, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has a dedicated and capable faculty members. In addition, there is an allowance for individual development in terms of research th…

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