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Why non-stimulant therapy should be used more than st

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Why non-stimulant therapy should be used more than st

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Level: High School

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Why Non-Stimulant Therapy Should Be Used More Than Stimulant Therapy
Treatment of ADHD with stimulant drugs is associated with a number of side effects like abdominal discomfort, generalized lassitude, increased heart rate and blood pressure. Stimulant drugs may also lead to the development of tics, and there may be hypersensitivity reactions to such drugs that may lead to hepatic damage (Barkley 165). Long term effects of stimulants on growth in children are still under investigation. Another factor to consider in the use of this class of drugs is that since they have abuse potential they are under the rules and regulations of drug enforcement agencies and their procurement is a difficult and tedious task.
All the above-mentioned factors along with decreased response to stimulants in some ADHD patients necessitated research into other class of drugs that could be helpful in ADHD.
Various drugs are being used to treat ADHD. The first non-stimulant drug that was approved for use in ADHD was atomoxetine sold under the brand name of Strattera (Gadde et al. 1142). This drug belongs to the class of norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and can be used in both adults and children. The main points that favor use of atomoxetine over stimulants includes decreased abuse potential and longer action. The drug can act for 24 hours, and there is no sudden wearing off of action as associated with stimulant drugs. It scores over sti…

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