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Why Medical Career

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Why Medical Career

Category: Creative Essay

Subcategory: Medicine

Level: College

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Why Medical Career
The compulsion I have to contribute towards addressing the scarcity of qualified and competent professionals in the health care sector, globally, justifies my interest in the medical profession. In the contemporary society that is increasingly facing diverse challenges, I have always been passionate to be a forerunner of something that aids human progress. Concerns such as shortage of nurses are widely acknowledged not only in the U.S. but also in other developed countries. It is highly pronounced in developing and third world countries where the acute shortage of professionals in the medical field has turned to crisis situations. That informs the necessity to address shortages of qualified professionals in the medical field. I derive my motivation to join the medical career from the urge to be part of the solution to this challenge facing the contemporary global society.
I have maintained the passion for pursuing the medical profession since my young age. The medical profession presents the best platform by offering what I desperately wanted: to contribute to the progress of every individual through the provision of basic health. I have developed an in-depth ability and passion in working with people. I am particularly suited to the profession because of the passion I have serving humanity who deserve assistance. The foundations of the medical profession emanate from an intrinsic urge to provide help to individuals whose lives face threats from diverse diseases, chronic conditions, or viruses. I particularly possess an inherent zeal to assist humanity especially the underprivileged members of the society. The medical program, therefore, is best suitable to fulfill my passion for helping other individuals. I am an empathetic individual and capable of providing exceptional care to patients.

During the medical program, I am confident to realize high-performance standards because of my proven records of high scores. Throughout high school, I had a record of exceptional performance in course work and examinations. My experiences are central to influencing my choice of medical profession. The three years of experience as a volunteer at the hospital is a key proof that I can best offer health care services. At the hospital, I performed diverse roles that are learned in the medical program. At the hospital, I managed to work for more than six hundred hours over the three years regardless of the various challenges encountered. As a volunteer, I gained knowledge in using different gadgets at the hospital setting. For instance, I acquired knowledge of how to use diagnostic instruments. I gained experience in addressing conflict management in health care work environments. Besides the experience at the hospital, I enrollment in Biology courses. Knowledge gained from the Biology course is critical to enhancing my understanding of the functionalities of the body system. I have completed a course in DNA science.
I have exceptional personal skills that are demanded to undertake the medical profession. That includes communication skills because of my fluency in communication. Communication skills are important in enhancing learning during the program. It will equally enhance my interactions with other students throughout the medical program. Pursuing the medical program would present an ideal opportunity to implement my interests in helping individuals. Furthermore, it is fundamental to advancing the knowledge gained at the hospital during the volunteer period. As a student during the medical program, I will observe the different code and stipulated rules relating to studies, generally, and conduct during examinations.

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