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Why Medical Career

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Why Medical Career

Category: Creative Essay

Subcategory: Medicine

Level: College

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Why Medical Career
The compulsion I have to contribute towards addressing the scarcity of qualified and competent professionals in the health care sector, globally, justifies my interest in the medical profession. In the contemporary society that is increasingly facing diverse challenges, I have always been passionate to be a forerunner of something that aids human progress. Concerns such as shortage of nurses are widely acknowledged not only in the U.S. but also in other developed countries. It is highly pronounced in developing and third world countries where the acute shortage of professionals in the medical field has turned to crisis situations. That informs the necessity to address shortages of qualified professionals in the medical field. I derive my motivation to join the medical career from the urge to be part of the solution to this challenge facing the contemporary global society.
I have maintained the passion for pursuing the medical profession since my young age. The medical profession presents the best platform by offering what I desperately wanted: to contribute to the progress of every individual through the provision of basic health. I have developed an in-depth ability and passion in working with people. I am particularly suited to the profession because of the passion I have serving humanity who deserve assistance. The foundations of the medical profession emanate from an intrinsic urge to provide help to individuals whose lives face threats from diverse di…

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