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Why I chose Pharmacy

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Why I choose pharmacy
Personal background
Hippocrates is remembered for his exemplary contribution to the fields of science and philosophy. He once suggested that wherever the practice of medicine is valued, the love of humanity is always eminent. My father is a professor and teaches biology; on another hand my mother is a pharmacy, technician. My favorite uncle, who frequents our home for casual chats with my family after work, is a pharmacist. In such a setting even when passion is not pushing someone to pursue a medicine carrier, the chances are high that one will end up to be a medical practitioner. I am personally interested in subjects related to biology and chemistry that are core topics in the study of pharmacy. My uncle has always told me since I was young that I need to work extra hard to manage a course as a pharmacist. I am a person who takes up challenges, and I know that challenges make one a better person. For that reason, I am willing to pursue a career that will help unleash my hidden personal potential in dealing with issues around me. My mother has always encouraged me that if she pursued a successful career in the same line the offspring is probably going to perform better. All these circumstances make my desire to continue a career as a pharmacist an inevitable quest.
Educational background
At the moment, I am a still pursuing college education, in my third year of studies. At this level, I am in the preparatory phase in anticipation for tak…

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