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Why Forgive?

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Why Forgive
Mistakes are part of life, and often people find themselves offending those around them or even those they love. These errors and offences can lead to bad blood between people who live together or even work together and to avoid the commotions brought by the mistakes people often need to forgive each other and move on. However, it is not an easy thing to forgive since the offended ones always feel demeaned by the mistakes and they often need to avenge so as to feel at peace. Forgiveness has no fairness but people can not live without it since it is the most beautiful form of love and it is a part of the strong hearted people as it takes courage and strength to forgive. This essay explains the advantages and the reasons why people need to forgive one another and live comfortably without withholding any grudges.
People need to forgive each other to find the door to happiness and peace. Peace and happiness can not exist when people are mad at each other. Forgiveness is the key to these two vital features of life. This key is not easy to find since those hurt always feels the need to revisit the issues that hurt them. This brings about the need to get even and ends up creating bigger rifts or even creating their miseries. For instance, in a marriage, a small issue like a forgotten present from one of the spouses might end up being the cause of divorce because the other spouse does not want to forgive and forget. Without peace, people suffer either by being hurt by those that are mad at them or by losing their minds over the grudges.
Christians and men of God have no choice but to forgive those who wrong them. Forgiveness is Godly and the Bible explains it as a fundamental part of the journey to heaven. Jesus was the chief advocate of forgiveness as He told His disciples on many occasions to always forgive those who wronged them. In Mathew chapter 18, He told Peter that man needs to forgive as many times as possible since no one is perfect and everyone offends the other even without their knowledge. Jesus also preached love and named it the primary commandment. Love always leads to forgiveness as where there is love dishonour, pride, anger and envy do not exist. Forgiveness is a core part of the journey to heaven.
Stress is one of the leading cause of some diseases like ulcers and it can be caused by grudges held against other people. This, therefore, shows that forgiveness is not only a gift to others but also to ourselves as it gives the mind some calm. Forgiveness reduces the aggression and the feeling of revenge. Those that do not forgive, find themselves holding onto resentments and this causes pressure as they think of ways to take revenge and hurt the persons who wronged them. Forgiveness brings freedom from grudges and eases the pressure of the mind. This pressure should not exist in any one’s life as it is too short to be cut even shorter by diseases caused by stress that comes with too much thinking. Most people may not come back to apologise and admit that they were wrong but it is important to forgive all who hurt anyone for their sake.
The cycle of hatred may exist for many generations among different families. This cycle always starts with two people from both families. For instance, if a business deal does not go as expected, the losing part may hold a grudge aginst the family that wins. This may bring about the beginning of huge family feuds that can only be ended by forgiveness. This feuds may also end up in ruining futures as the children of both families will never be at peace with one another even when they need each others help. This feuds may hinder any form of development as parents and children avoid dealing with each other.
A life well lived can not be a life of grudges and feuds. People who want to live a great and happy life should forgive one another and move on. Even though forgiveness may not be the same as forgetting, people who forgive are happier than those who do not. Therefore, we should always forgive anyone who wrongs us no matter where they are from so as to live a happy life.

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