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Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and Type 2 DM Prevention

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Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and Type 2 DM Prevention

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The consumption of whole-grain and legumes has been linked with increased glycemic control in diabetic and insulin resistant persons. According to Jenkins et al., (2003), plant-based diets have proven to have some benefits in the management of type 2 diabetes. Many long-term cohort studies have indicated that the intake of whole-grain lessens the threat of evolving type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. According to Lee McKay & Ardern (2015), even though patients with type 2 diabetes were conscious of the value of a plant-based diet, they did not implement it due to lack of health care providers failing to advocate it. Patients showed a high willingness to adopt a plant-based diet educational interventions were necessary to apply it. According to Trapp & Levin (2012), is that a plant-based diet has less fat, calories, saturated fats and cholesterol compared to nonvegetarians. The American diabetes association has therefore recommended it for the cure and avoidance of type 2 diabetes.
Key words: plant-based diet, type 2 diabetes, prevention, management
Jenkins, D. J., Kendall, C. W., Marchie, A., Jenkins, A. L., Augustin, L. S., Ludwig, D. S., … & Anderson, J. W. (2003). Type 2 diabetes and the vegetarian diet. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 78(3), 610S-616S.
According to Jenkins et al., (200…

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