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Who Killed the Electric Car

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Who Killed the Electric Car

Category: Critical Essay

Subcategory: Crime

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Who Killed the Electric Car?
Name of Student
Name of University
Learning Goals:
Identify the stakeholders in the case of the EV1
The main stakeholders, in this case, are the automobile manufacturers, mainly the General Motors, oil industry, US government, California Government and consumers of these industries.
Identify the viewpoints of each stakeholder with respect to the EV1
Why build it?
It was mainly built to continue sales of gasoline-powered vehicles in California. Nearly 5000 such vehicles were built and sold off to corporations like Chrysler, Toyota, etc.
Why own it?
This was owned since initially it was thought to be generating electricity through a gas generator, running an extra 270 miles, suitable for public highways.
Why destroy it?
These were later destroyed or donated to museums and educational institutions. This was mainly due to pressures from automobile manufacturers through suits, etc, oil industry pressures, a fascination for a hydrogen vehicle and finally George W. Bush administration. There was a waning of consumer interest too.
Identify reasons underlying their viewpoints
The automobile manufacturers were dissuaded from carrying on with this vehicle, since the hydrogen model seemed to dominate the future. The oil industry too faced problems with environmental issues and global warming. The USA politics faced a dilemma with the conflicting zone of Middle East which was a hub of crude oil, and both USA and Middle eastern tycoons were maki…

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