Who is Jesus Christ and what is His mission to the world?

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Who is Jesus Christ and what is His mission to the world?

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Who is Jesus Christ and what is His mission to the world?
Jesus is taken to be an ascended master and just one representative of the Christ consciousness. He could be the highest representative, but by himself, he is divided, so he is not the essence of Christ consciousness. He is considered to be the savior of the world, or at least for the Christians denomination. Christianity is a major world religion at present, with the largest number of followers. It started in the Middle East as an offshoot of Judaism, and gradually spread northwards and westwards. It has minorities in Middle East, Asia, with Philippines as the only Asian country with Christian majority and state religion. In Africa there are both minor and major Christian nations. There are three major factions-Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches. Protestants have many groups among them, such as Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. Christianity started with only the Catholic or Orthodox Church, thought to be universal in nature. This split into the Eastern orthodox and the Roman Catholic in the west. The Catholics and Protestants became divided after the renaissance and reformation. Now education and other aspects of development have received a lot of accolade within the Christian nations, with the Jesuits of the Catholic faith playing a huge role. But the various Protestant groups are not far behind.
Christianity has its dark side too. It is said to be part of a satanic bloodline going back to Middle East, the religion framework acting as a facade. In other words, it is a direct reaction in the opposite direction of Christ Consciousness. It is suppose to invoke Satan, in the guise of Anti-Christ, False Prophet, etc, and suppress the Christ seed in humans. What is Christ consciousness? It is the state, which unravels man’s soul and spirit, and helps him to unite with God through his divine spark. Man is in a disintegrated state, and there is always a reaction for the essence, till this is achieved. When there is no more reaction, but not for vegetative reasons, then essence is achieved, with the fulfilled state experienced. Jesus’ role is exactly that, to help mankind heal its wounds attain true liberation and freedom of spirit, uniting with God, through the awakening of Christ consciousness.

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