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Which type of Knowledge Claim is most important to me (and why)

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Which type of Knowledge Claim is most important to me (and why)

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Types of knowledge claims
The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is important as it challenges individuals to have a critical reflection of the different areas of knowledge and the broad ways of knowing. It increases individuals’ self-awareness for them to think critically and observe the critical role that knowledge plays in the society. The theory of knowledge helps us understand the complexity of knowledge and hence the need to be responsible within the complex and highly interconnected world. Hence, knowledge and the different ways of knowing are central to TOK. Knowledge may refer to the degree with which we know what we claim to know. Given the complexity of knowledge, varied ways of knowing may exist, hence different bases of knowledge.
In any particular setting, it is highly important to increasingly question the bases of knowledge. This is done through a critical examination of the knowledge claims that people make. In the context of the Theory of Knowledge, a knowledge claim is anything that an individual may believe to be true but may be open to a debate or discussion on its validity. That is, knowledge claims involve an individual making a claim which he/she believes to be true either with sufficient evidence or without sufficient evidence. In most of the cases, individuals make knowledge claims as a way of rationalizing or justifying their thoughts or beliefs. In other words, knowledge claims are used as a …

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