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when electric cars take over and oil starts decreasing whatproblems that will cause and its solutions

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when electric cars take over and oil starts decreasing whatproblems that will cause and its solutions

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What Would Happen When the Oil Industry Is Taken over by Electric Cars?
The automobiles industry has seen a massive transformation and expansion over the past years. With the ever-increasing demand for transportation means, the demand for automobiles has been on the rise. This has resulted in the increased production and consumption of gasoline in the world which largely contributes to environmental pollution. The process of the production of automobiles leads to massive carbon footprints. Cars, specifically, amount to close to one-third of air pollution in the world contributed by different activities ranging from the production of gasoline to the emissions from the cars themselves. This had led to the call for the development of alternatively powered cars and hence the emergence of electronic cars. Compared to the conventional cars, electronic cars provide an efficient and cleaner mode of transport. Although they still account for a small percentage of the total car sales, the rise of electronic cars has shown much potential to take over the automobiles industry. Although there are many benefits attributed to the use of electronic cars, there are also long-term problems that would be imposed by the use of these vehicles (Vaughan 2).
One of the major problems associated with the increased use of electronic cars would be pollution. Despite the main goal of their introduction being the reduction of the air pollutio…

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