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What would you change in the organisation to improve employees’ motivation?

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Motivating Roche Employees
The establishment of motivational life skill program in Roche Pharmaceuticals would serve a significant purpose. The pharmaceutical industry tends to be a stressful field that requires one to be keen on his daily activities (Peyer, 1996). Therefore, the establishment of such a program would help individuals in the company to get hold of the levels of stress in their day to day life. Hence motivation of employees to work towards excellence in the alignment with the organization priorities. Thus, their production plan will be effective leading to the increase in dividends to shareholders and attracting more investors to be part of the group.
Based on our knowledge, it is definite that the pharmaceutical knowledge is stressful thus not everyone is proficient at it. Therefore, Roche as an organization bears this challenge of employees being stressful thus demoralizing their morale to work (Peyer, 1996). Therefore, the head management of the company might consider training their employees on how to handle stress, balance their work life and self-excellence. Such steps will help employees in motivating themselves on the long-term basis, and they will grow alongside building a sustainable growth in Roche Pharmaceuticals. Also, they will also be able to establish a strong working force that acts as a boost to the company’s growth.
Giving employees opportunities for advancement …

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