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What should be done to improve public education in the United States?

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What should be done to improve public education in the United States?

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English 101
15th June 2015
What Should Be Done To Improve Public Education In The United States?
Since last 100 years, public education has been compulsory for all students in the United States of America. Every child until reaches the age of sixteen to eighteen must get an education. As per U.S census of 2010, there were 87.1% people over the age of 25 who were high school graduates. In America, public education means a tuition-free education, equal educational opportunities irrespective of race, religion and capability, commitment to high standards and high expectations, a system ensuring public accountability and benefitting society by educating students about the democratic principles and common values.
Although the government came up with several reforms in education such as Race to Top, No Child Left behind etc, public schools of America are in a dismal situation. Nearly fifty years and billions of dollars have been spent on educational reforms, but still large numbers of urban students are not prepared for college or the workplace. According to a report from the New York Times (2011), a number of graduates from New York City’s high school who were prepared for college or a career were merely 21 %. Though the concept of public education looks extremely fruitful on paper, yet on the ground it is completely different. There are several problems in the public education syste…

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