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What Secrets Tell by Luc Sante

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What Secrets Tell by Luc Sante

Category: Assignment

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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 What Secrets Tell by Luc Sante
 What Secrets Tell as presented by Luc Sante primarily explains the factors propagating the practices that are promoting the increasing revelation of secrets in the current world making us unable to hold the secrets in our lives for long and the reason as to why people keep secrets in their lives, or more correctly, why there is an intense need to keep secrets in life. It is doubtless that, today, in the current world, almost each and every person has some secrets that they keep in their lives. However, the difference only lies in the fact that there are those are willing and ready to reveal the secrets that they have been holding in their lives while there are those who are still unwilling or hesitant to reveal such secrets due to reasons ranging from fear, unsure of being forgiven, to the distress of being judged unfairly or wrongly for the mistakes and transgressions once committed in life. In the current world, there are increasing practices promoting the revelation of secrets among people and some people still find and see it necessary to hold and keep certain secrets whether personal or not, in their lives. This forms the thesis statement upon which the discussion and presentation of this paper shall be based upon as explained below.
Since time immemorial, it has always been believed that the revelation of secrets would only occur on the Judgment Day when the graves open, and the dead persons tongue loosen, as Luc Sante explains. However, the situation is no longer the case. Today, one may get the impression that the time for the revelation of secrets has arrived. The reason being, nowadays, there is the unlocking of the vaults, the unsealing of the lips, and the uncovering of the caches in an extremely profuse manner. Consequently, secrets have been stripped naked in the public spheres one after another including those secrets that have been moss-covered with ages. The situation is a justification of the fact, yes, many people keep secrets in their lives, similarly, there are also many people revealing the secrets that they have kept in their lives. However, though there is an increasing revelation of secrets to the public, the general idea about secrets is that it should be kept private. It is required that no time should one reveal a secret to the public because just as the name depicts, ”secrets” are meant and needed to be secret or rather matters that are kept and left to be private. Nevertheless, as had been mentioned previously in the thesis statement that one of the primary reasons that this paper will focus on is explaining the practices that are promoting the increasing revelation of secrets in the current world, this, therefore, leads us to the need to explain why there is an increasing revelation of secrets by people today. There are two major factors contributing to the increasing revelation of the secrets currently, the Internet and the urge of making a confession of the wrongs, mistakes, and transgressions committed (Buscemi and Charlotte 212).
First, the Internet has fueled the existence of the practices that promotes the revealing of secrets. The Internet has indeed proved to a nemesis to secrecy, both the official or unofficial secrets at home or in the people s lives. With the prevalent use of Internet, there is nothing that can remain hidden for a long period before one feels the intense urge of posting its details online. In such a manner, the Web, therefore, operates as a universal souk or a marketplace where the idly curious, zealots, congenital meddlers, voyeurs, dirt brokers, lonely crusaders, and the troubled can trade facts, fantasies, and even rumors in relative anonymity and safety. When one posts a secret on the Web, the secret reaches an astonishing audience s eyes in no time, and the deniability of the posted secret rarely counts as one has millions of eager witnesses who the secret has reached their eyes through the Internet (( The Best American Essays 313).
The second factor contributing to the increasing revelation of secrets is the urge of making a confession of a person s transgressions that are and have been hidden before the audience of strangers. The culture of feeling the desire and the intense urge to confess of the one’s hidden transgressions had been both a prevalent and coursing culture increasing the practices of the revelation of secrets among the American people even before the Internet came into existence. The urge to make a confession of one s wrongs, mistakes, or transgressions committed at one particular time in our lives is a peculiar phenomenon whose roots are miscellaneous wildly from the alcoholics anonymous to the epiphanies of the revival tent. The revelation of the secrets before the audience has been both rampant and widespread due to the belief that the confession of the secrets to the public attracts much attention that is truncated to mean or assure one of the forgiveness consequently impelling more people to do the same, reveal the secrets that one may be holding. There is a relationship between the revelation of secrets in the public and forgiveness in the sense that, naturally, in human life, we can only forgive people once we have known the wrongs or the mistakes that they have committed. In other words, forgiveness is relative and is dependent on the question: Why do we forgive and what do we forgive someone for? Therefore, one must first make other people (the public) know the mistakes or the wrongs they did commit through the revelation of such secrets. Through the revelation of the secrets, it is an indication of remorsefulness and that one is sorry for the wrongs committed. Since we are all imperfect beings liable to making mistakes, the public will feel the need to forgive the person who has revealed the secrets for the wrongs committed (Buscemi and Charlotte 228). 
Now, to the second aspect of the thesis statement on explaining as to why many people still find it necessary to keep the secrets in their lives, owing to the fact that, today, we live in an open era where there is an imperative need to be very careful, bold, and candid with what the type information that we share with the public. There is the manufacturing of secrets with an express purpose and the chief aim of revealing them only when the trumpet flourishes occur while the chief concern remains to keep them secretive as long as possible and not share them in the public. The tendency has occurred and continues to occur where there is the culture of constructing secrets for the primary purpose of using the secrets to solely and singly answer pressing needs. The pressing includes such needs as the desire to do away with ever burdening life of keeping secrets at the detriment of others and may also prevent one from having peace in his or her life because of living a life of lie due to the holding of secrets that are both torturing and tormenting emotionally and psychologically. As a result, a situation where the secrets will both be made and viewed as a permanent condition and feature for the human life is and will be created due to fear of worsening the problem of both the emotional and psychological torture that nay escalate the problem of preventing one from living peacefully, therefore, making the keeping of secrets a permanent condition in human life. The situation of making secrets a permanent condition and feature in the human life will make us need secrets for a variety of reasons that are all positive in nature and rightly justifiable. As human beings, we will, therefore, be made to be in need of secrets just as we are in need of for the daily sustenance of life and as we need sexy models and attractive images in the advertisements for their seductive but false promises among others. The need for secrets makes and will make us develop and have the need for carrying various types of needs in our lives including the personal secrets, romantic secrets, gossip secrets, trade secrets, mystical secrets, societies secrets, state secrets, and atomic secrets ( The Best American Essays 313).
It is an irrefutable and a valid fact that the confessional beliefs among the people will continue to diminish the hidden information just as Sante argues as well. Maybe to those making a clean breast of things secrets in life will appear to be some big deals for them. The author supports porosity of secrets by the fact most celebrities who want to increase their fame often leak some of these secret to the public. The celebrities do not only leak the secrets of life, but even the some of the TV guest have masterminded the same act will be called to discuss particular issues that the public have some interest to know to get informed. Therefore, the private humiliation of an individual will often need diverse information to negotiate fully your way out of the mess, and the only three people who should care enough are also likely to feel some pitch of the same facts. Therefore, what are the benefits of a secret then? This secrete will continue to invulnerable in life (DiYanni 530).
Most importantly, it is worth noting and understanding that human beings require secrets that transcend all coherent elucidations, that is, secrets that cannot become known by the public unless the person who keeps the secret reveals it. In other words, the aspect of coherent elucidation of secrets means that secrets need to remain secret or unknown by the public and the only person who knows about it is the individuals who hold it since if a secret becomes known to the public, the aspect of its secrecy is lost and it is no longer a secret. Therefore, secrets need to be unknown by the public until only when the person who holds it discloses it. The disclosure of secrets sometimes can be redeeming, even inebriating, at least at the beginning, but to the recipients it will be disheartening. The reason behind the intoxicating nature of secrets to one group and disappointing to the other group is that most of the secrets in life do not remain for long to get the substantiating evidence. In life, people require secrets to become assured the way of life they profess is the truth, and nothing is left undiscovered. In this regard, all the possible means of getting the facts that they do believe in are fully exhausted to allow people live full of truth and certainty. These secrets in life, especially to the adults, remains the world is surreptitious and whimsical just like the feeling one had during their childhood (DiYanni 531).
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