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What Secrets Tell by Luc Sante

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What Secrets Tell by Luc Sante

Category: Assignment

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

What Secrets Tell by Luc Sante
What Secrets Tell as presented by Luc Sante primarily explains the factors propagating the practices that are promoting the increasing revelation of secrets in the current world making us unable to hold the secrets in our lives for long and the reason as to why people keep secrets in their lives, or more correctly, why there is an intense need to keep secrets in life. It is doubtless that, today, in the current world, almost each and every person has some secrets that they keep in their lives. However, the difference only lies in the fact that there are those are willing and ready to reveal the secrets that they have been holding in their lives while there are those who are still unwilling or hesitant to reveal such secrets due to reasons ranging from fear, unsure of being forgiven, to the distress of being judged unfairly or wrongly for the mistakes and transgressions once committed in life. In the current world, there are increasing practices promoting the revelation of secrets among people and some people still find and see it necessary to hold and keep certain secrets whether personal or not, in their lives. This forms the thesis statement upon which the discussion and presentation of this paper shall be based upon as explained below.
Since time immemorial, it has always been believed that the revelation of secrets would only occur on the Judgment Day when the graves open, and the dead persons tongue loo…

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