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What leadership mean to you

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Leadership Roles
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Leadership is a deliberate act to take charge of a situation, show direction and let others follow you. To be a leader, one must be ready both psychologically and mentally. Many people have thought that being a leader is being a manager, but this may not be the same in all cases. This paper gives a personal view of leadership, how it is conducted, benefits and challenges.
Effective Leaders
An effective leader must know what is required of him. A leader, therefore, should lead people by example. A leader does not give instructions but inspires his followers to repeat what he has done for the greater good of the majority. As a leader, you cannot afford to be a manager. A leader must be ready to experience what his followers go through by first doing what he needs them to do.
A leader is a role model. As a leader, I must be able to define solutions where many cannot see the solutions. I must have the “can-do attitude” to motivate my followers to keep trying and never give up. A leader who easily gives up will make many projects the team undertake to seem to be impossible. The capability to master challenges, effectively plan for them and efficiently execute them is a key attribute of a good leader CITATION Ada13 l 1033 (Adair, 2013).
Leaders, however, are faced with myriad challenges. A leader must be able to show capabilities and skills that are above board. A leader who lacks basic knowledge of w…

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