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What is Critical Thinking?

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What is Critical Thinking?

Category: Autobiography Essay

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

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22 October 2015
What is Critical Thinking?
Many situations in life today require a bit of critical thinking to get through. In almost every job advert, critical thinking is one of the required skills; especially for young applicants with little or no experience in the job (Paul and Elder 5). However, what that requirement means, and how to quantify it is not clear to many people. Many employers lament about how colleges produce half-baked graduates with very little or no “problem solving” techniques at all. The bosses claim that these graduates cannot join the dots to complete a puzzle when a situation gets complex (Paul and Elder 6). However, when these very bosses are cornered to try and explain what the critical thinking they require in the fresh employees is, they stumble (Paul and Elder 6). Most bosses cannot clearly spell out what skills are required of someone to qualify as a critical thinker in that job which they seek. This paper gives a holistic definition of critical thinking and sheds some light on the various skills that make up critical thinking.
According to Ennis (3), critical thinking can be defined as “The intelligently organized process of active and skillful conceptualization, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information gathered from observation, reflection, experience or reasoning as a guide to action.” In its emblematic form, critical thinking is anchored on global intellectual …

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