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What is an Example of Information System Improvement.

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What is an Example of Information System Improvement.

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Information systems Improvement Plan
Information systems (IS) are a set of integrated components that provide, collect, process, and store information and digital products. Financial institutions rely on the information systems to manage and carry out their operations, while some organizations use the IS to interact with their customers, distributors, and suppliers. This paper demonstrates the use of information systems and an improvement plan that can be used in organizations.
With this in mind, firms exploit the system constantly to improve their information technology through different kinds of plans (Stair, Reynolds). Accordingly, these diverse aspects that need frequent development in the system are caused by competition, changing technology and or fashion trends in and around the organization (Wager, Glaser). As a result, a good example of an improvement plan that will benefit the customer experience if the information system is transformed to advance the customer experience for the involved clients by either developing online bookings or time tracking stamps for transport companies (Gonzalez-Feliu, Jesus).
According to (Cassidy, Anita), management should understand the components involved in the improving of the information system primarily the hardware, software, infrastructure, and the use of trained personnel to facilitate the planning. Additionally, there are diverse ways that describe the approaches that impr…

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