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what are the types of prisons

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Types of Prisons
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Types of prisons
Prisons are operated by the state and the federal government. It is a concurrent power under the country’s constitution. The main punishment for the commission of felony offenses is imprisonment. People convicted of misdemeanor offenses and less serious offenders may be sentenced to a short term in local jails, probation, community corrections or restitution. Prisons are operated at various levels of security. It ranges from minimum security prisons to Supermax facilities. The United States has the highest number of people behind bars than any other country in the world, followed by China. Different facilities for prisoners vary in terms of administration of inmates, security level, correction tactics used by officers and the type of housing. Detention centers, reception centers, and county jails are where new commitments are held while awaiting trial or before moving to serve out their sentences. These areas operate under very high levels of security.
The various types of prisons
The first type of prison is the minimum and medium security. The minimum security prison is mainly reserved for criminals who commit fraud and embezzlement. Criminals who commit these crimes are white collar criminals. These prisoners are considered non-violent. Prisoners in this category sleep in dormitories that have bunk beds with lockers. The dormitories are supervised by one or more officers during…

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