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Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 825

The Impacts of the Society on Minority Families with Family Members in Crime
What are the societal implications of the refusal of minority families to accept the guilt of family members in criminal cases?Crimes have consequences, on the whole, society whether committed by individuals who are viewed negatively or positively. Minority families are considered unsafely and are burdened with rejecting the fact that their relatives are involved in crime. Every individual wants to associate with all the good happenings in the society, but this is not true for individuals who come from families that have a family member participating in the crime and especially if it is a minority family. A crime can be committed by one individual, but the impact is felt by many people. The reaction of the society about a criminal can also have an adverse influence on the criminal’s family members.
One implication is that the day to day life of the family is negatively impacted. Family members are affected in such a way that they cannot carry out their duties to the expected standards of the organizations they are employed. No one will think straight while trying to accept the fact that a relative is a criminal. All parents bring up their children to standards they view acceptable to the society, and all kids are expected to behave in proper ways that are acceptable to the family and or the society. Accepting that a son or a daughter is involved in crime hampers parents from their daily activity. The worst part is when the society raises an accusing finger at the family members for bringing up a criminal. With such conditions, members of minority families are likely to lose their jobs or even businesses.
The health status of family members could be affected adversely due to battle they are going through of coming to terms with criminal relatives. Members could experience difficulties in getting sleep or even maintaining sleep a condition called insomnia due to the stress they are experiencing. Another health condition is headaches and nausea from the constant thoughts of family members who are viewed as innocent but to the society they are criminals. The worst part is the rejection that family members can be criminals or worse still a family getting associated with crime. Once the health of individuals gets worse than it was previous, they have to dig deeper into their pockets to either get medication or worse still to get counseling.
The society further impacts the minority families by rejecting them. No person wants to be associated with a criminal, and. Therefore, no friend will stand up for the family with a criminal. Blood relations are always close and no matter the situation family will always stay and stick together. When members of the minority families are abandoned by the society, they start to withdraw from others even those who would have supported them at all costs. Therefore, minority families will be lonely and removed from the outside world because they do not want to come to terms with living or bringing up criminal relatives but this is the truth, and no one can run away from it.
Members of minority families with criminal members face high chances of losing their jobs due to underperformance or even in situations where employers do not want employees linked to crimes. With an increase in cases of unemployment among members of minority families, crime level is also expected to be on the rise. Businesses of family members could also collapse because their companies are associated with negative implications hence their clients could move to competitors. The failure of enterprises or loss of jobs creates further problems in the economy that burdens the government by trying to fight crime.
Minority families also have an impact on the society by rejecting that a family member is a criminal. One of the implications is blocking the path of justice by bearing false witness so as to protect relatives. Justice should prevail, and no individual should play a part in preventing it. Every individual is under the law and should be treated equally. Family members should try to think of the victim who was attacked, robbed or even murdered by their relative. The victim’s family have feelings too, and their families need them for moral or financial support. Therefore, minority families should accept that a relative is a criminal so that justice can prevail.
No matter your social status you are not allowed to participate in crime because there are consequences that affect families or the whole society. Rejection does not solve a problem but instead it makes it worse for the family and the community. The society should not judge minority families or point accusing fingers at them instead it should support them. The healing process starts with acceptance of whatever vice is in the family or society. By working together, the community and minority families will derive benefits and more so the criminal family members can get financial, social and moral support hence becoming better people.

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