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Wellness-Annotated Bibliography
Agron, Peggy et al. “School wellness policies: Perceptions, barriers, and needs among school leaders and wellness advocates.” Journal of School Health 80.11 (2010): 527-535. Print.
Agron and Peggy and other authors wrote a journal on polices of school wellness in the year 2010. They also included information about the various perceptions that underlie wellness its barriers and the various needs that advocates of the course and leaders possess. The purpose of the journal was to assess the level of wellness among adolescents to avoid obesity while in school. They provide different policies that they feel are effective in dealing with the problem of obesity among adolescents in schools.
The authors are trying to answer questions that pertain to the opportunities, barriers, implementations, evaluations and perceptions of all the policies set by schools’ board members, leaders and advocates of wellness programs. They are also trying to investigate the nutritional levels of students and their levels of activity while in their institutions of learning. This is done with a view of understanding the stakeholders’ collaboration and acceptability of various wellness tools that are available.
The authors argue that all stakeholders in different learning institutions have a mandate of ensuring policies and tools that can enhance the overall health of their students. They also argue that school wellness progra…

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