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WebQuest assignment

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WebQuest assignment

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: IT Technology

Level: College

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Words: 550

WebQuest assignment
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The advent of technology has taken millions of years and has transformed the human lives from a cave man to a more technological evolved human being. The journey has started with the innovation of fire that has put forward different grounds for casting and smelting of useful resources under the surface of Earth. Using those technological advents, humans have started to make complex and sophisticated computer infrastructure. With different hardware innovations, computers require some software as well to perform their tasks effectively, and a new era of computers have begun. Surely, the computers were not perfect at first. The users have faced some technical issues and bugs thereby allowing them with alternatives to mitigate those issues. For making computers more user-friendly, computers were equipped with different I/O and peripheral devices that can allow users to have better productivity and ease of performing different computer operations. The journey has not stopped yet. The human race has found a way for communicating using computers. For that, virtual networks were designed and implemented on a faster pace thereby allowing the human race to have more personalized interactions. For viewing contents, internet pages were formed, and this has opened pathways for different social networking websites. Soon enough, the computer has become an active part of society and terms like “surfing t…

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