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Category: Analytical Essay

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Debate Surrounding the Composition and Ratification of America Constitution Webliography
Debate Surrounding the Composition and Ratification of America Constitution Webliography
Numerous scholarly articles describe the composition and ratification of American Constitution. They discuss what happened in its wake and analyze it curiously the ideas and issues of this event. This is a presentation of a little webliography of debate surrounding the composition and ratification of America Constitution
U.S. History (2014) http://www.ushistory.org/us/14a.asp is one of the best sources of information on the state constitutions. The site is owned by the Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia and was founded in 1942. The website covers complicated and serious questions facing the states constitution. It highlights what it means for the state to replace royal authority with an institution while still considering the popular rule. The source gives real time example of the states that have created the most radical constitutions. This state includes the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776 which abolished property requirement for holding office as well as for voting. Another radical state constitution highlighted in this site is that of South Carolina of 1778 which created new rules that were contrary to Pennsylvania political spectrum. The rules required white men to possess a significant amount of property to vote. This site is useful as it gives us a greate…

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