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We all have a background or story that has shaped who we are. Your application would be incomplete without the opportunity to tell us an experience that is central to your identity. Please share your story.

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The Background that has shaped who I amJust like a building’s foundation determines the size and the weight of the building. If the foundation isn’t strong enough, there is no potential of the building staying strong. Human beings are also like buildings. They need a strong foundation. The human foundation, however, is determined by their background, their past experiences as well as the lessons they have learned from the past.
The subjects I have learned in school have helped me in different ways. They have provided me with information on globalization from economics and social sciences, geopolitics from geography classes as well as global climate policy from my micro and macro-economic theories and worldwide cooperation. In school, I also played Tennis. Apart from games participation, I have been part of a volunteer program, which helps to reach out to the poor by offering them food. Other than that, I have worked in a business law firm as an intern. I also worked closely with the Mayor, who approved an initiative I had of developing an urban rooftop in my district. Participating in the game improved my competitive and leadership skills.
I have been lucky to travel to different countries in the world. There are many things I have learned from the countries; some of which have fascinated me. A country like Thailand had many economic and political challenges that required to be amended so as to fit into the global world.
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