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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Ethical Boundaries in Psychotherapy
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Ethical Boundaries in Psychotherapy
What stands out to you the most about the video presentation?
There are many things that I find interesting in Dr. Ofer Zur’s presentation. However, his precise and concise nature greatly piqued my interest. Within 11 minutes, Dr. Zur gives detailed information about dual and multiple relationships in psychotherapy. He also succinctly offers explanations regarding his bulleted points.
What areas of multiple or dual relationships might you find confusing or difficult?
Multiple or dual relationships occur when clients and therapists are related in one way or the other. According to me, I find it difficult to comprehend unexpected multiple relationships. It is confusing when therapists do not realize that they have been treating a friend. I believe that friends are people kept close to the heart. For this reason, unexpected multiple relationships baffle me. I do not understand the oblivious nature depicted by such therapists.
While multiple relationships are targeting counseling or psychotherapy, how do you see the premise as valuable in your personal life?
Multiple relationships are valuable in my personal life. They assist me in understanding concepts such as sexually and non-sexually exploitive relationships. According to the video presentation, sexually exploitive relationships are those that involve sexual relations between a client and a therapist. Thes…

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