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This essay is about three families, as examples, each reflecting a social stereotype, or myth or its unique pattern that can also be a deviation from the norm. The setting is in USA, displaying the multiple tensions and issues are of human, psychological, individual, social, and multi-ethnic to multi-racial types (Banse et al., 2010). This is about three kids, Kylie, Jonny and Brittany, from a program called Poor Kids which was aired on November 2012. They seemed to have ended up in three different places. The common factor in these kids’ families was a considerable degree of lack of material comfort. Kaylie and her family were thinking of shifting into a trailer, and begin school, as soon as permanent housing was achieved. Brittany’s family had a new addition into the family, in the form of a baby boy, but was under great stress to achieve financial stability. Jonny and his family had got temporary residence from the mere shelter, and he was hoping to play football in high school. The purpose was to find out how these kids were doing after two years? Did they meet a similar fate, going up in life or sliding down? Or was it a series of ups and downs, as life usually is, a mixed bag?
Story of three kids
Kaylie was back in school in 2012 end, and was full of enthusiasm. Her mother, Barbara, arranged with the counselor to give Kaylie math coaching and remove all backlog, from her missing years. The family ha…

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