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War in Syria

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War in Syria

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Medicine

Level: College

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War in Syria
According to Gerges et al (304) the Syrian war has been ravaging the Syrian people for about three years. The American government is for the idea that all Americans should be mindful of what is happening in the outside world. This is in accordance with the United States foreign policy that is said to have affected the lives of the Americans daily. This paper asserts to present contemporary issues that are related to foreign policy that has hindered visits to Syria since the onset of civil war.
My grandparents and other relatives used to visit Syria every year, but since there has been going on, they are unable to. Grandparents lived in Syria during most of their adolescence and relatives who I don’t know live there today. Before the civil war set on in Syria, there was a free movement to the nation as was provided in the foreign policy of the United States. After the onset of the war, the US government then had to enforce a policy that would restrict movement out to the country of war. This is meant for the safety of the American citizens. The burn to move out to the Syria has both social and economic impacts on us. Those who visited the nation did it in order to meet their beloved ones, do business and others went for leisure and exposure. Those who went for business reasons are now forced to look for different means of survival (Ziadeh & Radwan 231). It is also hard to sustain the feeling of solace for our beloved ones who are out in the country of war.
To conclude, it is good for the US government to have in place the foreign policy that will assist ensure safety for foreign citizens as well as her own citizen it. Although it has taken an initiative to help the nationals out in the country of war by sending out troops to help, it should have a more specific consideration upon the Americans who are in the affected country.

Works cited
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Ziadeh, Radwan. Power and policy in Syria: intelligence services, foreign relations and democracy in the modern Middle East. Vol. 98. IB Tauris, 2012.

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