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War impact on children #2

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The relationship between war photographers and children is concrete. Famous war photographers like McCullin used children to show the harsh effects of war. The use of children in war photography is aimed at manifesting empathy. When people view these photographs, they get the feeling of commiseration for the weak, innocent victims of the war who are unable to flee from the battle. For example, in one of the photographs done by McCullin, it showed Muslim children and women being shot at by Christian armies as they flee. The photograph inflicted emotional feelings because it portrayed an act of murder and genocide rather than portraying a state of war.

Consequently, the use of children in war photography is used to show the intensity or the extreme level of the war. For example, during the war in Afghanistan a photographer capture kids caring firearms such as AK47. Hence, this shows child abuse rather than war. Also, this shows that the war is intense, and the global society needs to come up with a strategy to stop the use of children in war battles. Additionally, war photographer uses children in their work so that they can influence or persuade the United Nation High Commission on Refugees to act fast in recruiting war refugees especially children and female-headed families. More ever, different countries should accept female-headed households because they pose less threat and have fewer chances of being radicalized. The female-headed families are always at venerable stat…

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