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Walt Whitmans influence on Vincent Van Gogh when it pertains to his painting Starry Night and nature.

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Whitman and Van Gogh
Attitude towards Nature
Nature is an important aspect that influences interactions between human beings. The interaction of humans and nature, in one way or another, will either improve the quality of the different components of the same environment or adversely affect its performance. Whitman in his poem, “Song of Myself,” has addressed the aspect of nature and how, in his time, people perceived and used this important resource. For instance, he claims that the same nature promotes the interactions of human beings and even influence the connections they make. At their different locations of their residence or habitation, he claims that humans interact with the same elements of nature. Persons with significance in an individual’s life must not stay in one place. It being so, though special to one another, they are separated by distance. The other aspects that facilitate the connections that humans have been time and superficial differences (Whitman, 2).
Additionally, nature, in Whitman’s poem, is perceived as a recreational spot. Recreation being one of the ways most if not all human beings spend their leisure time, is a service offered by nature. Grass has been depicted as a good spot to spent lone time and a forest is a fascinating place and lively thereby elevating the soul of an individual. In the song, Whitman describes a scene where a group of youths are seen bathing at the shore and this only attest…

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