Visual Arts

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Visual Arts
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Nawabdin electrician

Student name Professor Unit level Date Nawabdin Electrician Nawabdin was an electrician; a family man married to one wife with 13 children all daughters. He had 13 daughters was a result of trying to give birth to a baby boy in vain until he and his wife gave up (Mueenuddin para 4). He was ingenious in altering the reading of an electric meter so that the bill went low than expected by the electric company. He was hired by various clients to perform his ploy as they saved on the electricity bill and paid him some appreciation fee. Nawab is a Pakistani working hard on various jobs many of them so odd just to feed the family he cherishes. The story setting is in Pakistani in the region of...

Kruger National park in south Africa

Name Institution Tutor Date The Kruger National Park Introduction The Kruger National Park is one of the biggest game parks in South Africa and also biggest among the African parks. Kruger Park is well known for its geographical coverage. The park covers the big area of approximately 19,485 Km2. The geographical location of Kruger national park is in the northeastern of South Africa’s Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces (Braac). The park has its administrative headquarters in Shukuza. It was a park that the South African government protected, and later it became the first South Africa's national park in the year 1962. The park has several camps that allow it to have nine different...

Contextual and/or ideological analysis over the essay “This is a Religious War” by Andrew Sullivan

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date This is a Religious War Conflict begun on September 11 became a heist call for religious warfare. Authorities stressed this not was not a fight between the Muslim world and the West. President Bush went to the Islamic Center in Washington to stress more on to this point and more so called for prayers across the United States and throughout the world including Muslim leaders to join hands with Christians and other world religious leaders, not only for this specific day but to continue working together to avoid such an occurrence again. The issue was that this did not hold up under a religious angle. This conflict was saturated with the...

Writer’s c.hoice

Effects of backlog and patent infrengement Student’s Name University Affiliation Question One Research indicates that the number of patent applications awaiting approval process by the examiner is about 718,835. Practically, this is a very large number of workload as compared to the number of manpower available. Therefore, there is need to do something in haste to save or to make USPTO services more convenient and efficient(Hubel, 2012). Basically, delays are caused by long and complicated procedures that designs have to undergo before the inventor can own its right. In the initial stage,design has to be sorted to identify which class of designs it lies. On my point of view,I would...

Warren Sharpe Community center

Author’s Name InstructorCourse Title Due Date Warren-Sharpe Community Center Warren-Sharpe Community Center is an organization that offers various programs that include Kids in the kitchen, Ride it out Fitness, and the Community Garden for Children. The Ride it out Fitness Program is mainly designed for children who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or the children who are at a risk of contracting the disease (Huebner 15). The program, The Kids in the Kitchen, is a six weeks nutrition and cooking class, and it is basically for parents and their children. It focuses on the consumption of vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains and families are taught the various methods on how to prepare...

Rick Perry Texan Politician

Name of Student Name of Supervisor Subject Code Date Rick Perry- A Texas Politician James Richard “Rick” Perry is the longest serving governor in the history of Texas. This Republican politician assumed his position of the governor of the state in December 2000, and has been succeeded by Greg Abbott in the month of January, 2015. Rick Perry was born on 4th of March, 1950, in a fifth-generation Texan family. He went to the Texas A&M University and graduated in 1972. He served the United States Air Force as a pilot from 1974 to 1977. His first step into politics begun in 1984, when for the first time, he was elected for the Texas House of Representatives from the district 64, as a...

journal 4

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The main and the only challenge facing liberalism globally is the traditional point of view on issues. The traditionalistic philosophy believes in civil liberties hence they stir to oppose things like the PATRIOT Act, they believe that having ethical compass can pilot people to anarchy. Shall it be fair and reasonable if we criticize the traditional perspective? Though considered as an antagonist to liberalism, traditional perspective just like liberalism should be treated with respect and dignity. The article below is to discuss the effects of this conservativeness and how it has hindered the ability of liberation to take full charge not only in Quebec or but...

Orange is the new black, fifty’s the new thirty, comedy is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll, ____ is the new ____. What’s in, what’s out, and why is it being replaced?

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK The world is showing signs of improvement in some different ways, ways that have caused a certain way of change, and, as a result, created a new balance of the new way of living. This change got altered by the interrelations of people from different walks of life all around the globe. The birth of this change has surfaced mainly from how humankind tends to ease the way of living in and communicating. These traits have enabled man to access essential needs like water, haven, a substance in society, and work. The named phrase orange is the new black that indicates a symbolism of how the past is no longer the known present. Evolution has brought up change in our everyday...

Facilities management

Facilities management has created in the previous decade into a noteworthy, flourishing business area and train and keeps on developing in numerous nations. The term Facilities management has gotten to be acknowledged by governments, the business group, educationalists, and scientists as a key part of today's business world. Facilities management is of centrality to associations of numerous sorts and, as a developing order, it has turned into the center for the vital issues of best esteem and consumer loyalty inside of the management of supporting administrations. Very much oversaw administrations empower an association to work at its most proficient and powerful level, offering genuine added esteem...