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violence in video games

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violence in video games

Category: Term paper

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: High School

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Video games have become a popular entity in the contemporary technological age especially among children. With the video game industry becoming a multi-billion dollar business, many adolescents today on average spend an average of 2 hours behind the screen every day. Violent video games have however come into sharp focus as scholars have tried to link violent games to behavioral changes among children. While it is debatable whether video games predictably cause violent behavior in every child, studies have continually showed a positive correlation between violent games and aggressive behavior among children. This paper seeks to explore the positive link between aggressive behavior in children and violent video games. Further, this paper has highlighted the possible connection between school shootings and violent video games.
Recently, parents have become very concerned about the fact that their children are spending too much time and energy on video games. The video games have come with numerous negative perceptions among parents, who link the video games to decreased productivity in school, sight damage among other issues. However, of paramount concern has been the change in behavior among video game users. Staying hooked to the screen playing video games the whole day affects the psychosocial health in children. This is because video games encourage antisocial behavior among the users. Possibly, the thrill that comes with video games…

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