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Vignette Analysis

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Vignette Analysis

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Masters

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Vignette analysis: a code of ethics for psychology

Ethics stands for values and behavior that guide professional conduct. Ethics becomes practical when applied in particular demanding work oriented situation when handling an ethic related issue, or an issue that could be rated as a moral dilemma as shown in Knapp & VandeCreek, (2006 pg. 3). The American Psychological Association sets the standards and guidelines required for solving ethical concerns faced by a psychologist in the line of duty. From a voluntary personal perspective, ethical decisions can be made by choosing to do the right thing in a given situation motivated by intrinsic moral standards one possess. For psychologists, the APA (American Psychology Association), has set the minimum standards to guide the performance but it important to go beyond the minimum standards in delivering the services. The application of positive ethics can help psychologists to be able to put a balance of the needs of their patients, their family members, and help to determine the extent of support they need to avail for their clients Knapp & VandeCreek, (2006 pg. 13). Through positive ethic, psychologists can recognize and appreciate the regulations set by APA. For instance, it gives a guideline on avoiding numerous harmful relationships, upholding patients information confidentiality, and the sexual involvement with patients are all designed to keep the patient…

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