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Video Reflection

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Video Reflection

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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Words: 275

The Measure of All Things: Greek Art and the Human Figure
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The video is a collection of various sculptures that are informative to the current generation (Beckman Ltd, 2005). It displays the actual activities in the ancient history and takes me to my imaginative world. When I look at the sculptures, I feel that they are silently conveying a message. The ancient Greeks show an undisputable proof of how they embraced their culture. Carving objects into the beautiful sculptures like those displayed in this vide is not easy. It takes time and determination to make them, and I agree that the sculptures are meant to communicate to the future generations about the human past.
The important part of the video is that, as time passed the Greek craved more attractive accurate human statues of different sizes and shapes (National Gallery of Art, 1988). This trend indicated that they perfected on their skills than any other in history. The image of men carrying bows is a witness of how they wanted to share their social lifestyle and culture to the world (Kotov, Addicott, and Marlow 2005).
These curved figures remind me of decorations that I have encountered in church, restaurants, and home. They are always good to look at and admire the efforts of their maker. The least important part of the video is on the description of the treasures and values that were attached to the images. Some were used as worship idols. I think they were images to tell a st…

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