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Impact of Victimology on a Criminal Investigation

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Impact of Victimology on a Criminal Investigation
Victimology can be defined as a study of victimization and the relationship between the accused and the victim. Another definition refers victimology to as a science of suffering and associated compensation (Burgess, 2012). Victimology involves considering of the victims of crime and psychological impact on them. Also, victimology can also be considered as the interaction between the victims and other parties concerned with criminal justice such as courts, police and correction officials. Victimology forms a crucial component of crime investigation (Morosawa, Dussich, & Kirchhoff, 2012).
Victimology is important in crime investigation process. Some of importance of the victimology include victim profiling which involve highlighting the individual personal history and health, personality and social habits (Burgess, 2012). Also, it provides the underlying reason why the individual was classified as a victim. In most situations, the offender normally holds backs from selecting a victim until when he or she identifies the one who meets their needs. Due to that fact, the way the victim is selected is largely imperative, and it provides the best insight on how the offender may be thinking, which will affect directly how the offender acts. The ability to determine how the offender acts, places the investigating agency in a better position to determine the offender’s behavior, possibly leading to the arrest of the perpetrator (Burgess, 2012).
Furthermore, victimology is related to various concepts such as the method of attack, risk assessment and methods of approach. These concepts are used together in criminal investigation, and it helps in uncovering crimes (Morosawa, Dussich, & Kirchhoff, 2012). With best victimology analysis and processing of the available evidence crime investigation will be made possible and easy task to accomplish.
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